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Does butyl prevent watertight to seal the characteristic of adhesive plaster, ac

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Main use:

All sorts of plank juncture place suit to use butyl adhesive plaster to undertake waterproof airtight is handled, for example:
The waterproof processing that construction of waterproof, structure seams waterproof, underground reachs the roofing that 1. builds a project high polymer is waterproof roll material is built receive sealed.

The sealed and waterproof processing that construction of construction of tunnel of the subway in 2. municipal project seams.

3. steel structure builds workshop to be used at the airtight that juncture of chromatic profiling armor plate handles, waterproof, damping.

4. is used at the felt to material of cement, lumber, PC, PE, PVC, EPDM, CPE.

Different of the interface part that 5. uses in waterproof project, place receiving a head and different place material sticks received waterproof airtight to handle each other.

The airtight of door of 6. civil house, window prevents water treatment, the airtight of ventilating duct prevents adornment of water treatment, building to wait all applicable.

Characteristic: Stick receive strength tall, tensile strength is high, stretch, extensibility is good, strong to interfacial deformation and craze adaptability. Have be able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly chemical sex, be able to bear or endure false Zun and corrosion resistance, 80 ℃ do not shed high temperature, 40 ℃ do not crack microtherm

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