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The characteristic that felt fluid sealant brings

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(1) adhesive plaster passes mechanization production by the factory, the thickness of the product and width agree equably, roll material juncture felt is firm, close close, this is solvent adhesive is incomparable.
(Itself of 2) adhesive plaster does not contain volatile organic compound, explode not avirulent, insipidity, combustibly, not easily, free from contamination, cold construction, safe and convenient, it is solvent adhesive changes ideally product.
(The watertight sex of 3) adhesive plaster! Air-tightness is admirable, be able to bear or endure await function exceedingly good, its felt force and sealed performance grow along with use cycle.
(4) uses adhesive plaster to coiling material undertakes juncture felt the waterproof layer of sealed processing, although be in,shake or below the circumstance that the environment changes, still can maintain favorable sealed and waterproof effect.
(5) adhesive plaster not only can come true congener a felt of material, still can realize the opposite sex to coil material reachs a material and film, roll the felt between material and other housing materials, be helpful for sealed to felt undertaking between a variety of opposite sex material processing, reason has “ all-purpose glue of ”0 say. The contractor that at present the United States already had 85% uses felt fluid sealant to take waterproof to balata of third of 3 yuan of second the juncture of a material undertakes felt sealed processing, improved the waterproof project quality of ability of film of oak of third of 3 yuan of second further.
1.1.3 water breast waterproof coating
Luck of American go smoothly coating of 107 bitumen emulsion is not a kind of avirulent, insipidity, combustible and have the stuff of half liquid state that touchs denaturation. The spray on the new roofing that can be in clean when construction or old roofing a bitumen emulsion, then the shop sticks a polyester fiber to not have spin cloth to undertake buildup handling, be in again without spin the spray on cloth a bitumen emulsion, wait for dry after becoming film, in its the surface besmears again brush luck of a go smoothly 229 bitumen - coating of aluminium powder emulsion, compositive reflex protects coating, form to be below atrocious weather condition not not craze, corrugate, do not flow those who drip is successive. Without seam, the integral film of whole sealing is waterproof layer. This product still can use appropriative bull spray gun and enhance used polyester fiber or fibre glass to undertake mixture spray construction together, spray ply can achieve 2~3mm and do not send happen stream drip, this is another characteristic of this coating.
1.1.4 can be in rain the large qualitative waterproof painting of construction
Luck of American go smoothly housetop of 208 power cliques is thick qualitative waterproof coating is mixed by dissolvent of the petroleum pitch of tall viscosity, mineral fibre, inserts, oil the raw material such as special type emulsifying agent is made, product solid content achieves 73% above, specifications accords with the target that American ASTMD-2822-91 standard sets. Its are the biggest the characteristic is to be able to be in wet or in underwater greet surface to have shot-off of loss or sealed operation, be in aptly damp or dry. Burning hot or the climate environment of chill is medium use for a long time. Although be below freezing condition, still have extend function goodly.
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