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The concept of adhesive plaster and classification

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Adhesive plaster concept:

By base material and binder two parts are comprised, binder material basically is thermosol glue, press quick glue, Yakeli glue, synthetic rubber, natural balata
Etc; Base material has cloth of polypropylene film, polyvinyl chloride film, fiber, thread a variety of material such as cotton of plastic, sponge, bubble, tissue paper.

The classification of adhesive plaster:

1.Differentiate according to base material: Can divide take for adhesive plaster of paper of BOPP adhesive plaster, cloth radical adhesive plaster, kraft adhesive plaster, beautiful grain, viscose, adhesive plaster of cotton of bubble of PVC adhesive plaster, PE.

2.Basis application limits differentiates: Can divide for rubber of caution adhesive plaster, carpet adhesive plaster, electrical engineering adhesive plaster, diaphragm paper, twine the velar adhesive plaster, adhesive plaster that seal box, module adhesive plaster to wait.

3.Differentiate according to market popularity rate: Evil spirit treat  to bilge  of defend of paper of Piao of ⑻ of ń defend  ?

4.Can divide according to applying environmental temperature to differentiate for microtherm adhesive plaster, normal temperature adhesive plaster, high temperature adhesive plaster.

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