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The lay aside carry to adhesive plaster and use the knowledge that maintain

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1, adhesive plaster should stock storeroom, avoid insolation, drench; Prohibit contact of as organic as soda acid oil dissolvent, keep clean and dry, be apart from discovery beyond device 1m, room temperature is in - between ℃ of 15 ℃ ~40.
2, adhesive plaster should be become roll place, not fold, deposit every season answers to flip through when time is too long.
3, assemble and unassemble crane had better be used when conveyer belt, the rigging that be used and has crossbeam is smooth trice, avoid attaint to take a side, do not overbearing assemble and unassemble, cause a pine to coil swing set.
4, the type of adhesive plaster, norms wants a basis to use need and specific requirement, reasonable choose.
5, do not get a different variety, different specifications model, intensity, the adhesive plaster of cloth number of plies joins (match group) use together.
6, conveyer belt connect had better use hot vulcanization adhesive bonding, in order to raise dependability, retain higher effective strength.
7, the deferent roller of conveyer of brief diameter and conveyer belt most zonule annulus diameter should accord with concerned regulation.
8, do not make adhesive plaster move with the body on the ground or worm, should maintain pull roller, establish roller agile, tensile force wants measurable.
9, conveyer is mixed of fender when the device that install clean, should avoid pair of adhesive plaster wear away.
10, cleanness is spent is adhesive plaster fine the postulate of lucky travel, foreign material can affect a belt prejudicial, tensional difference, rupture even.
11, when in using, discovering adhesive plaster has inchoate attaint appearance, answer to search an account in time, repair, avoid the occurrence of undesirable consequence.

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