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The characteristic that felt fluid sealant brings
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Polyurethane of 1.1.5 odd constituent is waterproof coating
Achieve tall 60 it is a kind of when the United States achieves high company to produce sheet that does not contain volatile organic dissolvent constituent tide solid polyurethane is waterproof coating. This coating can ask according to the design, use direct besmear blows the zigzag scraper that can control film ply to go up in level off, clean, substantial waterproof basic level, produce chemical reaction with the moisture in air next and gradually cross-linking solidify, form tall flexibility without seam, integral film is waterproof layer. Achieve tall 60H to apply to the construction blowing besmear of horizontal basic level among them, the functional; that has do as one pleases to make the same score achieves tall 60R to apply to the construction blowing besmear of vertical plane basic level, because it is had,touch not metamorphic, flagging function. Because this kind of coating is able to bear or endure ultraviolet performance is poorer, should not be commonly use as appear the waterproof layer of roofing project.
1.2 Canada environmental protection waterproof
1.2.1 inorganic permeate crystallization waterproof coating
Canadian XYPEX company introduces silicate cement, course the extremely fine silicon of special processing is arenaceous and contain the raw material such as the chemical material with a variety of lively property, make a kind of farinaceous XYPEX(Sai Baisi) inorganic permeates " of crystallization waterproof coating to apply man-hour to cooperate its and right amount water agitate to become plaster state, can the concrete basic level that besmear is brushed or spray does not have bright water in clean, hard, moisture apparently, this material produces chemical reaction with the material of alkalescent matrix construction in concrete namely, generate not body of crystallization of shape of dissolve sex branches and tendrils, jam the imperceptible break of concrete interior and wool stoma passageway, make concrete more compact, rise to raise concrete strength and impervious thereby the action of waterproof function. This product is decided to be “ via detecting domestic and internationally the environmental protection of ” of actual and avirulent class waterproof.
Bitumen of modified of 1.2.2 thermosol high polymer is waterproof coating
Canadian PERMAQUIK company uses good with a variety of consistence that SBS balata gives priority to high polymer polymer to undertake modified to petroleum pitch, treatment controls outspread rate big (700% above) . The blob of viscose of PQ6170 modified bitumen with flexible and admirable low temperature. Apply man-hour to have conduction oil of the buy inside investment of blob of viscose accuse automatically lukewarm in the Melt-Master80 with dasher special and fused furnace, come via heating 180~200e, can fuse liquid, press its design ply to divide with balata scraper next second blow besmear to be in clean on dry basic level, first time besmear blows ply to be 2.5mm commonly, the appropriate after besmear is blown is spread namely stick a polyester fiber to not have spin cloth to make carcass enhance processing. After waiting for this coating to cool, be in without the PQ6170 bitumen that spins cloth to go up to press afore-mentioned methodological besmear to blow a ply to be controlled for 2.5mm again glue, make its form whole of a successive, flexibility, jointless waterproof layer. This kind of waterproof layer has the function that fights concussion and self-healing to close, adjustable to basic level or the adaptability that opens fission body is stronger. This material is being produced! Construction and in use process, do not have volatile organic compound basically commentate piece, belong to environmental protection product.
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