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The characteristic that felt fluid sealant brings
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The environmental protection of 1.3 France waterproof
Did French DIPBATTLEY company develop a name to be “ drop a place of strategic importance? The cement of double constituent polymer of ” of makings of form a complete set base waterproof coating. This product constitutes fluid material by latex of high polymer polymer, reach additive of abhor ability in swimming to comprise pink to expect by silicate cement and active silicon pink. Expect fluid when construction and powdery makings cooperates agitate to be become equably by certain proportion mushy, can from greet surface or carry surface spray on the back to be in clean! Be damp! On substantial concrete basic level, general spray two and solidify 4d above, can form waterproof impervious function good, avirulent, dull is waterproof layer.
The environmental protection of 1.4 Belgium waterproof
Belgian IMPERBEL company produced a kind to be successive photograph with APP, bitumen is dispersive photograph, superstratum is Bo fine embryo, the high-powered modified bitumen that lower level does not have the embryo that spin cloth for polyester fiber is waterproof a material. Divide when construction outside using laid of inferior to environmental pollution hot frit law to prevent water layer, still produced a kind waterproof to all sorts of modified bitumen the cold bonding agent that coils to material all has consistence and already achieved this country annulus to ask. Agent of this kind of cold bonding belongs to environmental protection product, already passed attestation of ISO14001 environmental protection. Its solid content is 80% , heat-resisting is spent for 85 ℃ , low tender sex is good, the watch does time to be less than 3h, and hard drying time is infinity. Its the biggest characteristic is normal temperature construction, the gooey layer after construction can hold soft felt position for a long time, although felt power is not high, but can satisfy a material completely to ask to the felt of basic level, and the stress that absorbs construction grass-roots unit effectively to be out of shape place arises, enhanced an ability waterproof layer adjustable to basic level or craze metabolic adaptability, extended an ability thereby the use fixed number of year of waterproof layer.
The environmental protection of 1.5 Switzerland waterproof
SARNA group company has developed Switzerland to be able to bear or endure await function exceedingly good, service life grows and apply to the project waterproof pvc such as project of roofing, underground and cistern, aqueduct, dikes and dams waterproof the form a complete set of a material and its system coil when " construction material juncture uses sirocco more or heat carves solder law, roll material and basic level use " of mechanical and fixed law to use this law construction more, not only waterproof project quality but * , and accord with environmental protection requirement.

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