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Heat up the advantage that frit glue packs
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As a kind new-style paper box, carton is packed combine a form, hot frit glue seals the bundle up form that combined to already replaced a tradition partly to pack pack with adhesive plaster, on the paper box outer packing of the product such as the carton outer packing that applies at all sorts of food and wine, milkings. Because have the quality that pack good, specious with the advantage with low cost, the application that heats up frit glue to seal box will be wider and wider.

Hot frit glue seals the advantage of box

Hot frit glue seals box, it is to use hot frit machine to make fuse of hot frit glue liquid, repass heats up the trunnion of frit machine and spray gun, send paper box the surface, hot frit finishs agglutinate namely after glue is cooling. It can satisfy paper box to seal each requirement of box, and the limitation that overcame traditional paper box to seal box form place to exist.

The quality that pack is good

Carriage paper box must can endure temperature, humidity change and cruel assemble and unassemble, but use adhesive plaster satisfies this one requirement harder, because its adhesive strength is poorer, fight Zhang Jiang to spend small, and to having coat or oily chipboard is stuck not firm.

And hot frit glue and wet content have very good adhesion, permeate force strong, have physics and chemical agglutinate effect at the same time between corrugated paper and line chipboard, the intensity of paper box whole after agglutinate increases, paper box is not changeful form and craze. Additional, system of coating of hot frit glue can press glue besmear be in all sorts of differring the crucial position of appearance, for example: The lid is folded to go up inside paper box.

Hot frit glue also provided function of very good guard against theft, because rows of tiles on a roof of adhesive infiltrate through is medium, any trials that open paper box can tear off fiber. Adhesive plaster can use small knife rift, in imperceptible in take away content content and seal again close.


Nowadays, the businessman asks to pack in deferent commodity while, still can pass design of exterior of the design that pack to communicate product and company image. Accordingly, the factor that block up effect has on the exterior has been jumped over lesser. Image of keep out of regular meeting of adhesive plaster classics, disturb the information that pack deliver; And hot frit glue is agglutinate undertakes between She Yi, can offer bigger reveal a space.

Cost is low

Glue of use heat frit seals box speed fast, whole agglutinate process needs 1~3 second to plant only can finish, apply to batch production, specific power consumption is little, cost is low. Standard corrugated box heats up a synthesis of frit glue to be 32 yuan about originally / 1000 box, this is the intermediate price of hot frit glue, and the intermediate price with sealed adhesive plaster is 120 yuan about / 1000 box.
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