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Chinese tape of a recent increase in cost pressures
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Despite the recent weakness in BOPP film market began, prices have dropped further, some of the companies should be pleased to bring tape, but the surge of butyl glue on a great impact on the industry. The day before yesterday several different levels of n-butyl manufacturers raised the price 500 yuan / ton, and the catalyst before the Shanghai Huayi processing delay due to the replacement drive; Beijing Orient at the end of maintenance. This will aggravate the tension of butyl market supply. BOPP tape market with the current situation in fact is still at historically high levels, the South China report 15,300 yuan tape film high / t, remove some of the accounts of other factors, according to the mainstream market turnover of BOPP Tape Factory cost price are 14500--14800 yuan / ton, glue and all the way up and the corresponding rise of butyl. Capacity of the terminal market orders is limited, high-cost era!
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