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Naughty nursery school children were tape for sealing the mouth to be severely
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"Town center Taoluo tape gagged Kindergarten children were" aroused great attention of the relevant departments, Education and Donggang Donggang Town Government Taoluo sent a message tonight, said Ben Wang, the relevant departments, after careful investigation, has been the responsible person of a serious deal, taped to the child was expelled from the mouth of the nurses Liu XY, Tao Luo Park town center nursery one point dismissed principal Houfeng Zhi, Tao Luo Ding Ming research center of the town kindergarten director was suspended inspection. Education and Donggang Donggang Town Government Taoluo reply to this site are as follows: Dazhong Sunshine Station: Recently, in your web forum a "child is a kindergarten Taoluo tape the mouth closed," the post, and we attach great importance to immediate investigation, has made the following treatment: First, the town center Taoluo Intermediate Nursery Garden nursery one minute (TWA) MITIGATION class in hand for whatever reason, the child's mouth with adhesive tape is wrong, and has been to dismiss processing. Second, Tao Luo Park town center nursery one point the principal of Hou Fengzhi have direct leadership responsibility in this matter, be removed by them. Third, the town center Taoluo Research kindergarten director DING leadership responsibility, be suspended inspection. Donggang District Education Bureau Donggang Town Government Taoluo
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